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I like vocabulary games.  I don't much like those "click here to donate" things.  But this neatly combines the two ideas:  Vocabulary Practice to Donate Rice.

I'm unsure how the two ideas are related.  However, I was entertained by the vocabulary testing.  I got up to level 46, with occasional mistakes.  They claim there are 50 levels, and few people get above 48.  I consider it a challenge.  :)  Can you make it past 46?

ETA:  All right, you guys seriously kick my butt.  I seem to fluctuate between 44 and 46, with an occasional foray into 47.  My friends have serious vocabularies!
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This is basically link spam, but I thought it was something I want to remember as a rhetorical device: http://pjammer.livejournal.com/172181.html

Anyone think this would work well for a presentation instead of a series of lectures?
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I'm sure at least one of you can recommend a CD ripping software that works on Windows. Right? Because I just realized that Books-on-Tape are wonderful, except that I own neither a working portable tape player nor a working portable CD player. On the other hand, MP3s are portable, and there is this Treo 650 that claims to play them & lives in my pocket.
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I'm a slacker. I don't have a single MP3 on my (work) computer. But I found a spiffy new site that's keeping me entertained, pandora.com. It's a music streaming site, that matches music to your initial entry. So for example, I'm now listening to a channel that was created by entering Thelonious Monk (feeling like swing-y jazz, Or, to quote these guys: block piano cords, solo piano performance, angular melodies, major tonality and quirky ideas. They even tell you why the songs are similar.). The "feel" of the songs slowly evolves from the first song title/artist you enter. It's really cool. And I have never heard of half the artists.

I'm taking bets that someone on my friends list knows one of the folks who started it, since it's in Oakland, and based on the "music genome project."

Anyway, I recommend it if you have good network and feel like exploring music a bit.
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We're planning on:

1. Cleaning house.
2. Meeting with my ex-boyfriend and his kid, he has partial custody of his 1-year-old
3. Having coffee with someone. Anyone? Bueller?
4. Seeing a movie. Likely Aeon Flux, Narnia, or Good Night, And Good Luck. Recommendations? Interest in joining us?

What are you planning for the weekend?
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Someone recommended recently, in order to reduce the threat of identity theft, sending a letter with the following data to each of the three main credit companies:

Fraud Victim Alert: Fraudulent applications may be submitted in my name or my identity. Action may be required under the Fair Credit Reporting Act before opening or modifying an account. Please contact consumer @ xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx prior to taking such action. If you cannot contact consumer, do not extend the credit under any circumstance.

Especially useful if you've experienced credit problems, or are worried about someone opening an account in your name. I'm going to send the letter this week.
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I know I have a lot of friends who do. The TSA has been collecting data about air travelers. You have a right under the Privacy Act to obtain copies of the data they have about you. You can find a sample request here. I'm curious if any of my better traveled friends have either requested their data or received it.


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