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We had an opportunity to see Jared Diamond (of Guns, Germs & Steel and Collapse) speak today. He is very clearly a professor (40 years at UCLA), in his manner of speaking as well as his manner of avoiding answering questions. The speech was interesting and thought provoking. I'll try to do a decent write-up later. For now, the two notes he left us with are: (1) the biggest benefit to globalization is that we can learn what works by observing other cultures that fail(ed) or succeed(ed), regardless of their remoteness in space and/or time; and (2) one of the biggest differentiators between governments that make good decisions and bad is the remoteness or distance between the decision makers & the people affected by those decisions.
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you get invited to the bat mitzvah of a college friend's kids. Wow! I guess it has been 13 years.
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We're planning on:

1. Cleaning house.
2. Meeting with my ex-boyfriend and his kid, he has partial custody of his 1-year-old
3. Having coffee with someone. Anyone? Bueller?
4. Seeing a movie. Likely Aeon Flux, Narnia, or Good Night, And Good Luck. Recommendations? Interest in joining us?

What are you planning for the weekend?
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So pinged a few friends today for lunch... and once I started, I just kept pinging. I was reminded that I suck at keeping in touch (by this meme from kawgirl), and I thought I'd at least say hi to some friends I haven't seen in way too long. Now I feel weirdly nervous. I wonder how many of the people will respond.
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I really need some time off, and soon.

Luckily I'm going on vacation very soon, to Mendocino, without the baby. I'm very much looking forward to this. I'm actually quite thrilled to trade working over Thanksgiving weekend for a nice few days just with C & the ocean. I intend to sleep. A lot.


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