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This article discusses the reality of why women "opt out" of the workforce when they have children. It's quite long, but worth a read.
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We are planning to add music to several rooms in our house and wondered what others have decided upon?

There a several audio streamer systems now (Sonos, Roku, etc.), some hand built systems, or just using an extra computer with SongBird or the like. What are others using? What are others recommending? A remote control would be cool but not absolutely necessary.
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Saw this on boingboing, and had to share:

The Century Project (NSFW) by photographer Frank Cordelle shows images of women, nude, between the ages of zero and 100. They're real women, not idealized models. They have scars and bellies. He includes a short statement from or about each of the women as well. Apparently the East Bay Express newspaper has an article about this project. In any case, I thought it was fascinating, and very unlikely what we see normally in media.
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Making Light, a blog I read periodically has an interesting perspective on the overall media. Today's post was particularly informative.

Short version: The media does think the American people are sheep, and their interest in the status quo overrides any political biases they may have. I'm unsurprised, but it was interesting to have it laid out this clearly.
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When I first saw this I thought it might be fake, but no, it's real & it's on Forbes' web site. Why you shouldn't marry a career woman, brought to you by the lovely folks at Forbes.

I haven't yet looked at the underlying studies, but the entire attitude & tone of this article is pissing me off. Once I get past that, I will look at the underlying studies & figure out if they actually have something real here, or if it his is just a swipe at those women taking away jobs from the rich white males who are Forbes' target audience.


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